Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Frankie Notebook

I just love all the items I've been seeing around the web on Frankie, so I decided to dive in and try one. I needed some more notebooks for my craft show on Saturday and thought he would be perfect for those. I did however have to blow him up quit a bit though. See what you think:

Isn't he just the cutest thing! I had to use the 1 3/4" circle punch for the whites of his eyes, eye lids and nose and the 1 1/4" circle punch for his pupils.

I got it done and it still needed something, so I punched 2 of the large arrows using the My Way punch and added those to the side. I don't how long they will survive down there, but it completes him.

I just used a scissors to make the hair and the Black marker for the scars.

This would make a very cute gift for a child at Halloween, so I think I might be making more of these because my kids just loved him.

Thanks for stopping today.

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