Friday, June 26, 2009

Animal Stories and a prayer request

I have one card that I can share with you using the new set Animal Stories:

Of course this card uses the new In Colors plus new Designer Series paper.

Sorry I haven't been taking the time to detail much on my posts. I have been wanting to stamp more too but just haven't found the time.

Last Thursday my mom suffered a stroke and went into a coma for 2 days. On Saturday morning she woke up but has been on life support ever since. They do have the ventilator turned down so she is doing a lot of the breathing on her own, but because her throat and vocal chords are so swelled up, she is not able to take a normal breath without the tube.

She is however able to move all her extremities, she just can't seem to open up her right eye all the way. Her left eye is good. They think she may have paralysis to her vocal chords and she may never talk again, but are thinking of doing a tracheotomy today and she would eventually be able to talk with that and a device and would help her breath.

She answers yes or no questions and can mouth things even though that tube is in. She seems to understand what is going on and why she is in the hospital.

Please say lots of prayers for us during this time with her healing and for some of the decisions we need to make about her long term care.

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Karen Tenney said...

My heart and prayers go out to you and your mom. My mom had a hemmorage stroke 11 years ago and we didn't think she would survive. She's now 95 1/2. So, hang in there. (I'm one of Jackie's downlines.)