Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chipboard Calendars

I've seen a lot of these made and a friend gave me some of the blank chipboard coasters so I decided it was time to make one for myself. I used 12 coasters for mine. I have seen them with back to back calendars, but I was afraid it wouldn't stand up very good with just 6 coasters. I did the holes with the crop-a-dile and just used book rings to hold it together. The crop-a-dile goes through these like butter!

I made the calendars myself on Microsoft Word. Very easy to do and a lot cheaper.


J-me said...

where did you get the calendars for this project.? Boy, you have been busy uploading!!! Great job

Julie H. said...

This is so cute. Have lots of coasters left from another project and this will make the perfect little gift for someone. Thanks for ALL your great ideas!