Monday, August 4, 2008

Join a great company with us!

Have you ever thought about joining a DSA company where you can pick which days to go into the office, stay in your pj's all day when you get there or just not start until noon everyday?

Well let me tell you about Monavie! Click on the picture of the bottles to the right and learn about this fantastic health drink made up of 19 fruits from around the world. Just fruit, no preservatives! Tired of popping pills to get your daily requirement of vitamins, try drinking it instead. And oh does it taste good!

This is a company that has come a long way in the 3-4 years it has been in business. They have an excellent compensation program - get paid while you sleep!

Even if you are not in my area of the United States, contact me for more information. This company is based out of Salt Lake City, but people from all the over the States and a few other countries are already enjoying drinking it, feeling it and sharing it. Find out how you too can drink it, feel it and share it. You don't want to miss out, get in NOW!

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