Friday, January 29, 2010

Bigshot Clear Square die purses

Well, as I said in my previous post, my friend Jackie came over today and we sat and sewed. Boy did we have fun. Above is the purse she made and below is my purse.

The above picture here is a piece I added. I said to Jackie, that I was afraid that the purse would be too flimsy and she agreed. I said I was maybe going to sew a piece of cardboard inside each bottom piece, but then I couldn't wash it. She suggested just covering a piece of cardboard with left over fabric and laying it in the bottom, then it can be removed for washing.

Well if you have purchased the new Sending Love DSP in the Occasions mini catalog, there is a thick piece of cardboard used for backing in the package. So I cut a piece to the size of the bottom of the purse and hot glued a spare piece of fabric around it, and it fits perfect. So now we plan on using these as our pool bags on the Stampin'Up! cruise and they won't sag, in my case, when I put the bottle of sunscreen inside or whatever I plan to bring along.

The ideas are endless with this. Remember the Square die is exclusive to Stampin'Up!

If you would like to make one of these, I will be holding a class sometime in the near future. I would have all the fabric cut and ready to go, all you would have to do is bring your sewing machine, thread and scissors along. Let me know if this is something you would like to do.

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