Thursday, March 3, 2011

My daughter's 'tween' room!

With my dad moving into assisted living, he couldn't take his queen size bed with him so he gave it to my daughter. You should have heard the squeals when we told her!

Well she informed us that because she was getting a bigger bed she needed a more grown up room. Mind you she is 8! She had a princess room - you know pink and more pink! So we went through the JcPenney catalog just to get some ideas of what was out there and she found exactly what she wanted. She didn't want to look any more!

So on to the computer I went to order it. She couldn't wait to get it. She asked the next day if it was here or not. Well once we received it, she insisted on buying paint right away. So on a day that everyone was home for a snow day, my husband and I got it painted. More squeals!!

Well we got it all put together, but it still needed something. So back on to the computer I went to order the curtains that matched the comforter. I had tried to find some in-expensive curtains to match at a local store, but they just didn't match and by the time I had purchased enough pieces to fill both windows, the cost was about the same.

So once I got the curtains and got those up, I had some of the Stampin'Up! decor elements butterflies waiting to put up in her room before, so up they went. Here is some pictures of the end results. She just LOVES it. The pictures don't do it justice. The paint is very very bright!

Here's a close up of the butterflies:

Decor elements add so much to a room and wall. I have them all over the place in my house. If you ever want to remove them (unfortunately they cannot be used over) they come off the paint without pulling paint off the walls. They can adhered to any flat surface. I also have them on the back window of my car on the outside and they don't come off in the car wash! Go check out the catalog in the left column of my blog and you can order these right online on my online store here.

If you would like to host a workshop, you can also earn these for FREE and there are a few you can get as hostess gifts. Place a $50 order and you can get a FREE sale-a-bration item also. This promotion will be ending at the end of March so jump on it quick! Contact me today!

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