Monday, October 6, 2008

Spooky Spider candy jar

I just LOVE this spooky spider decor element! It is the cutest, don't you think.

I found the jar at Walmart and used the medium spider decor on it. When I started putting the decor on it, I found out that my candy jar was a little to small. When you receive this decor, the word 'Spooky' is up by the web. That's the nice thing about these decor elements, you can cut them up and use them the way you want.

So what I did is cut the spider out and adhered that to the jar. I had to cut the web a little shorter off the top, and then the legs wrap around under the jar a little. I then put the 'SPO' on down lower on the jar next to the spider and put the 'OKY' on the other side. I just eyeballed it and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

If you want one or more of these, they come in 3 different sizes. Click here to see the flyer with sizes. They come in black and white.

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